2013 Plans


I have a lot of things in mind that I want to do/get this 2013.

However, almost all of them require money and right now, money is a luxury I am currently lacking. I really don’t want to spend much since I don’t have a source of income as of the moment. How I wish I could get to work soon. I can’t wait to get my paycheck (Yes, money is my motivation so that I can have the things I want) There are so many things I’m itching to spend on. I used to save a lot but I guess earning has made me feel what it’s like to enjoy the finer things in life.. like spending on the things that I like. It does make me happy. So since I can’t currently buy or get the things I want, then let me write about them in order to ease this frustration of mine.

Hey, a girl’s gotta have some means to vent out.

And it comes down to this.. I made this blog post to list the things I want to get once I start earning again.

I want to note them down and HOPEFULLY cross them out.

Here are my Top 5 that I could think out of the top of my head:




I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo just under my left collarbone like the one above.

Of course, I don’t want it to be just any tattoo. I want it to be meaningful and if possible, of philosophical descent. I’ve researched some words that could be related to the word “Balance” and Sophrosyne(so-fro-soo-nay) is the word I came across into.

Hopefully I could get this inked this year.

I actually have 3 parts in specific that I wanna get inked:



I am still not quite sure what to put on the other two parts but I want them to be in Latin. My ideas are, “The mind is everything(mens est omnia) or What we think, we become(quae nos cogitamus fiamus)”  The phrases “To the stars(Ad astra) and Remember your mortality(Memento mori) are also words I am interested in.



I want to enroll in this gym. They have an unconventional way of working out and it really looks fun. They rely on kettlebells  calisthenics(body weights or using your body weight for resistance) and it just looks really challenging and fun. Plus, it is great for all fitness levels. You can be a beginner and find yourself getting a good workout. I’m asking my dad to tag along with me.. I want to workout with my dad.



There have just been way too much things that I have set my eyes onto at the mall. It’s so sad that I can’t buy them right now. I am really channeling my inner Sophrosyne to have that self-control not to go impulse buying!



Isn’t it just sad when your favorite artist goes to your country to perform and you wouldn’t be able to get to see them? Well right now, I want to go see Avicii! But the chances of me seeing him are slim. Haha. -_-



Who doesn’t like eating good food?? Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life!(but of course, in moderation)  There are so many restaurants right now that look they serve really good food. Thank you, Instagram, for keeping me updated and making me hungry late at night while browsing.


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