Springboard 2012 16k Run

I had a great time at this run! I enjoy running with my veteran running friends(Kriska and Erika) because if I run alongside them, I know that I have to push myself with them. They are really fast runners! They run like machines. Walang sign of tiredness or pain from the runs. I enjoyed this run because its just located in Paranaque. We even ran at the C5 extension road(the highway). Iba pala pag sa highway ka tumakbo. Ang sakit sa tuhod, the surface was hard and the incline was pretty high.. Actually this race is all about pushing your body sa inclines. They had some serious hills at this route. No wonder my knees started to hurt halfway in the race.

I’m still proud of myself that I was able to finish another 16k run. It was challenging.. I’ve been training my body this week for this run and I had been doing some long runs and sprints on hills in our village.. Maybe I over prepared at such a short notice because  my body took its toll in the run.. When I hit the 10k mark, my left knee felt really swolen. I was running at a good pace, and then it happened.. my knees started to hurt. I knew I had to slow down and I even walked to recover and stop the pain.. It was like my first 21k race all over again. It was the same pain I felt when I ran my first 21k race.. I hated that pain. I still had the cardio to run and go faster but my left knee was in pain. So, what I did was I changed my running form in the middle of the race. I ran at a straight form in order for all the impact from the running to go lighter on my knees. It worked, I could run but it was at a slower pace than my real form. but I thought, hey.. this is a lot better than walking. Also, this race was pretty cheap :\ out of all the runs I’ve joined, they had the least WATER STATIONS ever! While running at these events, water is your friend. A few sips goes a long way. There was a time I was running and I was so dehydrated! and thats not all, naubusan pa sila ng plastic cups! We were drinking sa lids ng container ng water nila -__- but pag uhaw ka, wala kang choice but to drink at wag na mag reklamo. Now I know what it feels to be stranded in a dessert!

Pero nonetheless, I got to run and have a good time. I love taking pictures and taking my loot after the run. It’s a good souvenir for me and plus may gold medal kaya its all good 🙂

Oh, ang cool din ksi there were photographers there asking us to pose so they could take our pictures. Feeling celebrities kami haha. Mga 3 siguro nag ask to have our photos taken. Eh napansin ko they didn’t do that to others.. saamin lang. Katuwa, feeling celebrities kami for a moment. Haha.

here are some pictures:

with Kriska and Erika

Our solo magazine cover shots



The gold medal and the finisher’s shirt.

Even though may mga palpak sa race.. ehem, water stations.. ehem..

I thank God for giving us the healthy body needed to finish this race 🙂

Can’t wait for the next!


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