Derrick Rose

I really got tempted to make a post about him. I wanted to share with you why I love and idolize him so much. So, here it is : ))

Ladies and gents, I present to you….

Derrick Rose!

Who is Derrick Rose?

He is the NBA’s Chicago Bulls’ current Point guard. He was the first overall drafted player by the Chicago Bulls, he became rookie of the year on 2008 and is the NBA 2011 Most Valuable Player.

Why Derrick Rose?

The player before Rose that caught my eye was Allen Iverson. I admired Iverson for his speed and cross over moves but he has now retired from the NBA.

Then I saw Derrick Rose play. He was like a ressurected Allen Iverson.. but only better! He is fast, dexterous, agile and athletic on the court. His playing style is exactly what I look and admire in a player: Fast and Powerful! Whenever I watch him play, I think to myself “This is the kind of playing style I want to achieve” Best of all.. he was known for being a very HUMBLE player! That’s pretty rare in the NBA. He would do unbelievable shots and just stay quiet after making it. If ever he is praised for winning a game at an interview, he would just direct the spotlight to his teammates or thank them for trusting him and giving him the ball at the necessary time.

Wow! Every time I hear him say that at an interview, I swear I fall in love! ❤

Rose is also playing in the former team of the NBA’s greatest basketball player, Michael Jordan. And guess what? Many are saying that he could be the next Mike! Just like Michael, he has led his team to numerous victories but he has yet to lead them win a championship.


Honestly, I really am not much of a big NBA fan. I mean, I’m a fan but I’m not those hardcore ones. I’m always late with the newest news about the NBA. I really don’t make the time to research the net and update myself. I only watch NBA for the sake of watching some basketball action since I really love the game.

In fact, I really didn’t have a favorite team before but all that has changed when I saw Derrick Rose. Now, My favorite team is the Chicago Bulls. They are my favorite team only because Rose is in it, so my loyalty resides in Derrick Rose. And when I think about it.. The Bulls are perfect to become my favorite team. Their color is Red which is my favorite color and not to mention Rose is their current PG.

I wanna brag to you more about how amazing Derrick Rose is.. so here is a video of him in Sports Science : ))

and so, here ends my blog about Derrick Rose. If you have read this post of mine, I wanna thank you for taking the time reading my love for Rose : ))


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