Knowledge vs. Wisdom

It’s 1:36am and I couldn’t sleep. There are so many things going through my mind right now. I had an enlighting conversation today and I just can’t get some sleep thinking about it.

Anyway, what I just realized is that recently I have an unquenchable desire for gaining knowledge and wisdom. And for the past few days, it has started to grow even more. This is probably heavily influenced by the book I’m currently reading, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and I must say, it was a breath of fresh air. I can relate the feeling to an oxygen deprived human taking in pure, clear oxygen as I read the book. It just overwhelms me how there is just so much things I need to learn about this world. I want to read philosophical books to quench this thirst for knowledge that I am currently having. I don’t know where this urge came from but I’ve noticed long before about my inclination and interest with philosophy and psychology. I guess now is a good chance to satisfy myself with some good books about philosophy.

It’s kind of funny, I have a fear that doing so might make me become mature too fast.. like come on, I’m only in my 20s. I shouldn’t be thinking like this but enjoying my youth.. but I think this is the right time for me to grow and gain more knowledge. There is this fire in me that just wants to learn, become better and understand things in this world..

After all, we must learn more about the world we live in. There will be so many challenges and obstacles that we will encounter in this world that we live in. We have to be prepared. Like what Sun Tzu says,

“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.” – Sun Tzu

This quote can be applied and generalized in many things. One example relating to everyday life is simply this, we must know and understand the world we live in. Learn how to deal with the world in order for us to survive and be victorious in this world.

I’m not saying I’m gonna turn into a great philosopher or anything, I just thirst knowledge and I really want to learn and grow more into a mature person. So if you guys are up for a good, deep conversation, I’m down with that and will greatly enjoy it 🙂



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