A Little Treat

Hey guys!

Today, I finally bought the watch I had been eyeing for a long time now. Best of all, I bought it using my first paycheck in my new work. From what I remember with my first pay in my last work, I don’t think I’ve bought anything valuable w/ my money. I ended up saving it or spending it on food, watching a movie or treating my family. But this time, I wanted to treat myself. I think I’ll make it a point this time to spend something for myself. It feels good to buy something out of your own money that you yourself worked so hard for.

“You gotta learn to treat yourself if you work hard. It keeps you motivated.”

Hmm, I think that’ll be a new motto of mine. Besides, It’s a great feeling to finally get what you worked hard for. Looking at this watch makes me feel like all my hard work in the office are all worth it. It’s a symbol of me becoming a working woman. Lol.

Anyway, till next time!


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