2013 Plans


I have a lot of things in mind that I want to do/get this 2013.

However, almost all of them require money and right now, money is a luxury I am currently lacking. I really don’t want to spend much since I don’t have a source of income as of the moment. How I wish I could get to work soon. I can’t wait to get my paycheck (Yes, money is my motivation so that I can have the things I want) There are so many things I’m itching to spend on. I used to save a lot but I guess earning has made me feel what it’s like to enjoy the finer things in life.. like spending on the things that I like. It does make me happy. So since I can’t currently buy or get the things I want, then let me write about them in order to ease this frustration of mine.

Hey, a girl’s gotta have some means to vent out.

And it comes down to this.. I made this blog post to list the things I want to get once I start earning again.

I want to note them down and HOPEFULLY cross them out.

Here are my Top 5 that I could think out of the top of my head:




I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo just under my left collarbone like the one above.

Of course, I don’t want it to be just any tattoo. I want it to be meaningful and if possible, of philosophical descent. I’ve researched some words that could be related to the word “Balance” and Sophrosyne(so-fro-soo-nay) is the word I came across into.

Hopefully I could get this inked this year.

I actually have 3 parts in specific that I wanna get inked:



I am still not quite sure what to put on the other two parts but I want them to be in Latin. My ideas are, “The mind is everything(mens est omnia) or What we think, we become(quae nos cogitamus fiamus)”  The phrases “To the stars(Ad astra) and Remember your mortality(Memento mori) are also words I am interested in.



I want to enroll in this gym. They have an unconventional way of working out and it really looks fun. They rely on kettlebells  calisthenics(body weights or using your body weight for resistance) and it just looks really challenging and fun. Plus, it is great for all fitness levels. You can be a beginner and find yourself getting a good workout. I’m asking my dad to tag along with me.. I want to workout with my dad.



There have just been way too much things that I have set my eyes onto at the mall. It’s so sad that I can’t buy them right now. I am really channeling my inner Sophrosyne to have that self-control not to go impulse buying!



Isn’t it just sad when your favorite artist goes to your country to perform and you wouldn’t be able to get to see them? Well right now, I want to go see Avicii! But the chances of me seeing him are slim. Haha. -_-



Who doesn’t like eating good food?? Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life!(but of course, in moderation)  There are so many restaurants right now that look they serve really good food. Thank you, Instagram, for keeping me updated and making me hungry late at night while browsing.


Springboard 2012 16k Run

I had a great time at this run! I enjoy running with my veteran running friends(Kriska and Erika) because if I run alongside them, I know that I have to push myself with them. They are really fast runners! They run like machines. Walang sign of tiredness or pain from the runs. I enjoyed this run because its just located in Paranaque. We even ran at the C5 extension road(the highway). Iba pala pag sa highway ka tumakbo. Ang sakit sa tuhod, the surface was hard and the incline was pretty high.. Actually this race is all about pushing your body sa inclines. They had some serious hills at this route. No wonder my knees started to hurt halfway in the race.

I’m still proud of myself that I was able to finish another 16k run. It was challenging.. I’ve been training my body this week for this run and I had been doing some long runs and sprints on hills in our village.. Maybe I over prepared at such a short notice because  my body took its toll in the run.. When I hit the 10k mark, my left knee felt really swolen. I was running at a good pace, and then it happened.. my knees started to hurt. I knew I had to slow down and I even walked to recover and stop the pain.. It was like my first 21k race all over again. It was the same pain I felt when I ran my first 21k race.. I hated that pain. I still had the cardio to run and go faster but my left knee was in pain. So, what I did was I changed my running form in the middle of the race. I ran at a straight form in order for all the impact from the running to go lighter on my knees. It worked, I could run but it was at a slower pace than my real form. but I thought, hey.. this is a lot better than walking. Also, this race was pretty cheap :\ out of all the runs I’ve joined, they had the least WATER STATIONS ever! While running at these events, water is your friend. A few sips goes a long way. There was a time I was running and I was so dehydrated! and thats not all, naubusan pa sila ng plastic cups! We were drinking sa lids ng container ng water nila -__- but pag uhaw ka, wala kang choice but to drink at wag na mag reklamo. Now I know what it feels to be stranded in a dessert!

Pero nonetheless, I got to run and have a good time. I love taking pictures and taking my loot after the run. It’s a good souvenir for me and plus may gold medal kaya its all good 🙂

Oh, ang cool din ksi there were photographers there asking us to pose so they could take our pictures. Feeling celebrities kami haha. Mga 3 siguro nag ask to have our photos taken. Eh napansin ko they didn’t do that to others.. saamin lang. Katuwa, feeling celebrities kami for a moment. Haha.

here are some pictures:

with Kriska and Erika

Our solo magazine cover shots



The gold medal and the finisher’s shirt.

Even though may mga palpak sa race.. ehem, water stations.. ehem..

I thank God for giving us the healthy body needed to finish this race 🙂

Can’t wait for the next!

50 Shades of Porn.

50 Shades of Grey cover

There has been so many talks about this book. Frankly, it is one controversial book. I wanted to post my say about this book.

When I first heard about this book, quite honestly it got me curious. I used to be a big romantic novel fan. I’ve read books from well know best selling authors such as Judith McNaught, Julie Ortolon and of course, from Nicholas Sparks who has written very famous books such as “The Notebook” and “A Walk to Remember”. I used to be the cheezy, hopeless romantic girl when I was younger. Romance used to be my favorite genre. While reading this genre, you can’t escape running into a hot bed scene now and then. Sometimes these scenes are good in a story because it gives a more intimate touch to the story. But somehow, I got turned off by this book. Mainly I think its because people read it just because of the sex scenes in the book. I read a book because of its story. If I wanted sex scenes, I might as well just watch porn.

So what is my say with 50 shades of grey? What bothers me right now is that how very popular it is recently with the younger generation. Kids as young as 13(even younger) could just pick-up and read this book and get the wrong impression about sex. In this book, sex is used for pleasure. From what I have heard. The book is full of kinky stuff like bondages/dominatrix. Kids at those age shouldn’t know those types of things… yet! They should wait til their 20s. And here we are, the more mature and older generation blaming that kids these days are too liberated when actually society and the media is to be blamed for allowing our kids to have a mindset that sex is okay. Sex is too mainstream today. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think that this is okay.

Sure, people at the right age can go ahead and read this book. I think most of them are mature enough to handle the explicit scenes found within the book. I just don’t find it right that people below 18 are reading this book.

Books are powerful. Thoughts become ideas.. ideas become actions.

Think about it.

Oh and in case some of you are wondering.. No, I am not reading nor have I read this book.

Derrick Rose

I really got tempted to make a post about him. I wanted to share with you why I love and idolize him so much. So, here it is : ))

Ladies and gents, I present to you….

Derrick Rose!

Who is Derrick Rose?

He is the NBA’s Chicago Bulls’ current Point guard. He was the first overall drafted player by the Chicago Bulls, he became rookie of the year on 2008 and is the NBA 2011 Most Valuable Player.

Why Derrick Rose?

The player before Rose that caught my eye was Allen Iverson. I admired Iverson for his speed and cross over moves but he has now retired from the NBA.

Then I saw Derrick Rose play. He was like a ressurected Allen Iverson.. but only better! He is fast, dexterous, agile and athletic on the court. His playing style is exactly what I look and admire in a player: Fast and Powerful! Whenever I watch him play, I think to myself “This is the kind of playing style I want to achieve” Best of all.. he was known for being a very HUMBLE player! That’s pretty rare in the NBA. He would do unbelievable shots and just stay quiet after making it. If ever he is praised for winning a game at an interview, he would just direct the spotlight to his teammates or thank them for trusting him and giving him the ball at the necessary time.

Wow! Every time I hear him say that at an interview, I swear I fall in love! ❤

Rose is also playing in the former team of the NBA’s greatest basketball player, Michael Jordan. And guess what? Many are saying that he could be the next Mike! Just like Michael, he has led his team to numerous victories but he has yet to lead them win a championship.


Honestly, I really am not much of a big NBA fan. I mean, I’m a fan but I’m not those hardcore ones. I’m always late with the newest news about the NBA. I really don’t make the time to research the net and update myself. I only watch NBA for the sake of watching some basketball action since I really love the game.

In fact, I really didn’t have a favorite team before but all that has changed when I saw Derrick Rose. Now, My favorite team is the Chicago Bulls. They are my favorite team only because Rose is in it, so my loyalty resides in Derrick Rose. And when I think about it.. The Bulls are perfect to become my favorite team. Their color is Red which is my favorite color and not to mention Rose is their current PG.

I wanna brag to you more about how amazing Derrick Rose is.. so here is a video of him in Sports Science : ))

and so, here ends my blog about Derrick Rose. If you have read this post of mine, I wanna thank you for taking the time reading my love for Rose : ))

Fun Sunday

If you guys don’t know yet.. I really, really love doing sports. If given the opportunity, I would try all of the sports in the world! And what better way to end a stressful week than to have a sports filled day by going wall climbing at Market, Market then going off on a midnight run along the Fort.

I also got to spend the day with my 2 pretty, pretty favorite twins and friends, Miles and Trish Magcase, who I haven’t seen for a long time.

We planned to go wall climbing and it finally pushed through last sunday. Despite constantly getting lost along The Fort, which I just can’t seem to understand, we had lots of fun.

It was a fun, active day and I’m looking forward to having more days like this. 🙂

Yellow team? or White team? lol

My sister Kathy, Me, Kim, Trish and Miles. 🙂


and zee lovely twins ❤

This shot was taken by my friend, Angela Dorio, who we were supposed to meet and jog with.

Miles, Trish and I along The Fort.


There are 2 things that I’m willing to spend on. They are..

Watches and Pefumes!

I’m so happy that I got to buy my favorite scent, the Bvlgari Amethyst from the Omnia collection.

I have a confession to make, smelling good is such a plus point/ turn-on for me.  There’s nothing like smelling rich. Hahaha!

I also bought a white Lacoste polo shirt and an Adidas sports jersey today so that I have more to wear when I play sports.

I’m starting to love shopping :>